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Step-1: Click on Generate Advance button on pay period form. It will generate the advance of employees for the current month based on join date and leave date.

When you click on Generate advance, the following dialog box will appear. Click on OK.

Step-2: Click on Generate Departmental Advance. The following dialog box will appear. Click on OK. It is used for feeding advance request.

When you click on create departmental advance button, Advance option will visible in My Area menu to all advance coordinators for feeding advance detail. For this, initially you have to assign advance coordinator for each department.

Step-3: Click on Advance for IT(say). After that, advance coordinators shall eligible for feeding advance. Fill the advance requirement and click on Save.

Step-4: Right click on Pay period and select Edit Advance for Pay Period, Advance form will appear with the details of advance requested.

Click on Process Advance to finalized or process requested advance. Advance will be processed on the basis of some conditions entered in Company HR Details.

Minimum Attendance Average for Advance - It defines the minimum attendance average for receiving advance.

Advance Day - It defines the last date for advance request.

Advance Request Days - It defines the days before advance day to request advance. For example, if advance day is 20 and advance request days is 4 than you can request for advance before 4 days of advance day i.e., 16,17,18,19 and 20 itself.

Advance Limit - It defines the maximum advance limit that employee can request. For example, if advance limit % is 50% and employee salary is 10,000 than employee can receive maximum advance for 5,000(50% of 10,000).

If these four conditions are fulfilled, then your amount entered in advance request will be transferred to advance column.

Note: You can edit advance amount according to company policy and payment through mode.

Step-5: Click on Save.

Step-6: Right click on Pay period and select Browse pay period (Browse 1 Apr 2015- 31 Apr 2015). Browse window will appear. Click on Payment HR Vouchers. Respective nodes will appear.

Advance Monthly

This can be used to generate payment entry for accounts purpose.

You can see payments and invoices separately by click on Payment and click on Invoices in Advance Monthly node respectively.