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Step-1: Select the Pay period and right click on it. Select Edit Pay Period. Pay Period form will appear.

Step-2: Fill the detail in Details tab. Some fields are auto-generated when we calculate salary.

Step-3: Click on Mandatory Holidays tab. If this pay period has any holiday, then click on Add Holiday. A new row will generate. Enter the details. Click on Save.

Step-4: Click on Calculate Salary button to calculate salary.

Salary calculation takes some time.

Note: 1. If you want to uncalculated salary, then you have to click on uncalculate salary button.

  1. If you want to see the calculate summary in browser, the you have to click on Calculate Summary button.

  2. When calculate salary, details in Benefits, Vouchers and Campus tabs will auto-generated.

Step-5: Right click on Pay Period and select Edit Salary Categorization for Pay Period. This option is used to see the monthly data of employees. Edit the details and click on Save.

Step-6: You can see all the details related to salary by Pay Period Browser.