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OD Note


You can create OD Note by following the given step:

STEP-1: Click on New -> Voucher-> Outgoing Delivery Note and select any sub category. OD Note form will appear.

For purchase, OD Note options are:

Purchase Return

Sub Vendor Job Work

STEP-2: Enter details in Main section and General, Consignee and Pricing tabs also.

STEP-3: Click on Add New. New row will appear. Fill the details.

STEP-4: Click on Quantity tab and enter Qty in Item Details section.

STEP-5: Click on Location tab in Item Details section. Select Campus.

STEP-6: Click on Pricing tab in Item Details section and enter Basic Price in 6th column(ValuePerQty).

STEP-7: Click on Save button.


Click on Vouchers -> Outgoing Delivery Notes. OD list will appear.


You can edit OD Note by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Select the note that you want to edit from OD note list.

STEP-2: Right-click and select Edit ODNote.


Click on Alter option and select Edit ODNote.

STEP-3: Edit the note.

STEP-4: Click on Save button.