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Payment Customer


STEP-1: Click on New-> Payment-> Payment Customer. Payment Customer form will appear.

Payment Type:

I-Information - Payment not received. But want to enter entry of Penalty, Retention, Security and any Other deduction. We will use payment type Information.

R- Return - If we want to enter reverse entry of payment we will use Payment Type - Return.

S-Settlement - We can settle pending invoices and pending payments.

T-Transaction - If we want to enter advance payment or bill wise payment, we can use this type.

In bill wise payment, balance of Invoice will be less according to payment amount.

Payment Mode:

In Mode tab, we can select different type of payment mode like cheque/NEFT and RTGS etc.

We can enter Document No., Document Date and Bank Name also.

STEP-2: Fill the details and click on Save.


Click on Vouchers-> Payments-> Payment Customer. Payment customer list will appear.


STEP-1: Select the payment customer from the list. Right click on it and select Edit Payment Customer option.

STEP-2: Edit the details and click on Save.