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Payment HR (Tour Expense Issue)

We are assuming an employee (Preeti) who wants to quit the job. So we have prepared the full and final settlement. After full and final settlement, we concluded that Preeti has to pay some amount (₹240) to company. But Preeti said that she has some tour expenses (₹8000) which are pending from company side. It means that company has to pay tour expenses (₹8000) to her.

Follow the given steps to create Payment HR from BooksNirvana app:

  1. Click on New-> Payment-> Payment HR.

  2. Payment HR window will appear. Select Payment Type (Employee).

  3. Click on Select button. Employee list will appear according to department. Select Employee(Preeti).

  4. Click on Add New and add Pay Period Voucher.

  5. If employee has advance loan, click on Advance Loan tab and click on Add New and add Employee Loan.

  6. If employee has loan payback, click on Loan Payback tab and click on Add New and add Loan Payback.

  7. If employee has tour expense, click on Tour Voucher tab and click on Add New and add tour voucher.

  8. Click on Mode tab and select Payment Mode. Fill the details of payment mode.

  9. Click on Save.

We can see that Amount field in General tab showing ₹7760 that means amount pending on employee side(Preeti) has been adjusted in Tour expense (8000-240=7760).