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Payment Vendor


STEP-1: Click on New-> Payment-> Payment Vendor. Payment Vendor form will appear.

Payment Type:

I-Information - If we are not giving any payment to vendor but want to enter any type of Penalty or Retention. We will use payment type Information.

R-Return - If we want to enter reverse entry of payment we will use Payment Type - Return.

S-Settlement - We can settle pending invoices and pending payments.

TDS Base Amount - TDS Base Amount related to TDS amount, we will enter total amount on which TDS are deducting.

T-Transaction - If we want to enter advance payment or bill wise payment, we can use this type.

In bill wise payment, balance of Invoice will be less according to payment amount.

If we want to enter Only TDS entry we will use Transaction Type.

Payment Mode:

In Mode tab, we can select different type of payment mode like cheque/NEFT and RTGS etc.

We can enter Document No., Document Date and Bank Name also.

STEP-2: Fill the details and click on Save.


Click on Vouchers-> Payments-> Payment Vendor. Payment vendor list will appear.


STEP-1: Select the payment vendor from the list. Right click on it and select Edit Payment Vendor option.

STEP-2: Edit the details and click on Save.