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PO (Purchase Order)


You can create Purchase Order by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Click on New ->Voucher->Purchase Order. Stock Purchase Order window will appear.

STEP-2: Enter form details.

  1. Select Campus, Invoice Campus (this is optional if we do not select this field, it will automatically select Campus entry as Invoice Campus at the time of invoice) and Division.

  2. Select Vendor Name and Currency. Enter Exchange Rate according to currency conversion.

STEP-3: Click on Add New button in Item List Section. New row will appear to enter the details.

STEP-4: Fill the General details in Item Details section.

STEP-5: Click on Terms tab in Header section. Select Payment Terms and Transport Mode.

STEP-6: Click on Pricing tab in Header section. Select Procedure and Slab.

STEP-7: Click on Delivery Schedule tab in Item Details section. If you want to add lots, click on Add Lots button otherwise click on Add Other button.

Add Lots

Click on Add Lots button. Selection Production Lots window will appear. Select the lot and click on OK button.

After selecting lots, the window will look as given. Enter DeliveryDate and Quantity.

Add Other

Click on Add Other button and enter DeliveryDate and Quantity in Delivery Schedule. If you add other also, you have to change the Total Qty entry in General field. It will be the sum of lots and others.

STEP-8: Click on Pricing tab and enter basic rate in Rate field.

STEP-9: Click on Save button.


Click on Vouchers->Voucher->Purchase Order. All saved purchased order will show.


You can edit the Purchase Order by following the given steps:

STEP-1: Select the purchase order that you want to edit from purchase order list.

STEP-2: Right click on it and select Edit Purchase Order option


Click on Alter option and select Edit Purchase Order. Stock Purchase Order window will appear.

STEP-3: Edit the order.

STEP-4: Click on Save button.

POI (Purchase Order Items)


Click on Voucher Items->Purchase Order Items. Purchase Order Items list will appear.