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Bonus Master


It will be auto-generated on the basis of Bonus Start Month field in Company HR details.

Note: This option is only available in Payroll.


Open Company HR Details form and click on Bonus tab. Bonus master list will be display in this tab.

Note: You can also see the list of bonus master by right click on Company and select Browse Company HR. Click on Bonus Masters node.


Step-1: Select Edit Bonus Master option from right click menu of pay period. Bonus Master form will appear.

Step-2: Edit the details of Details tab and click on Calculate. BM, FF and Vouchers tabs will auto-populate.

Step-3: Click on Summary. Bonus Summary will populate with respect to Pay period .

Step-4: Click on Payment. Bonus Payment Summary will populate with respect to Pay period . After Click on Payment Button Bonus will be show in accounts department for payment.

Bonus master will calculate when all the pay period between start date and end date are finalized. Other it gives message.

Step-5: Click on Save.

Note: You can also edit bonus master by Company HR Details form. Follow the given steps to edit bonus master:

Step-1: Select Company from company list and right click on it. Select Edit Company HR Details. Company HR Details form will appear.

Step-2: Click on Bonus tab and select the bonus master that you want to edit.

Step-3: Click on Edit. Bonus master form will appear.

Step-4: Edit the details and click on Save.

You can also edit bonus master through Browse Company HR -> Bonus Maters - > Edit Bonus Master