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STEP-1: Click on New option and select New Person. Person window will appear.

STEP-2: Enter basic details of employee.

STEP-3: Click on Address tab and enter details of employee. You can copy the present address in permanent address using Copy Address button.

Click on Lookup button to get the geo points of employee permanent address. You can enter geo points manually in geo point field. This field will be used by address map. If this field is blank, you cannot see this employee location on google map in address map option in HRMS menu.

STEP-4: Click on Info tab and enter details of employee.

STEP-5: Click on Education Tab. Click on Add New button. New row will appear and enter the details of employee. If you want to delete any education record, select that row and click on Delete button.

STEP-6: Click on Family Tab. Click on Add New button. New row will appear and enter family details of employee. You can also delete the record through Delete button.

STEP-7: Click on Experience Tab. Click on Add New. New row will appear and enter experience details of employee. You can also delete the record through Delete button.

STEP-8: Click on Picture tab. Click on Browse button and select the picture and click on Open button.

STEP-9: Click on Save button. Personal details of employees will save.


STEP-1: Click on Employees -> List All.


            Click on **Payroll -> List All**

List of all employees will display.


STEP-1: Select the employee from employee list and right click on it.


        Select the employee and Click on **Alter** button.

STEP-2: Select Edit Employee Details in the menu. Employee Details window will appear.

STEP-3: Edit the details of employee in Work tab and enter the remaining details in Work tab. You can edit existing details also.

Open Personal Details- You can edit personal details of employee by this button.

Step-1: Click on Open Personal Details button. New window with Employee name will appear.

Step-2: Edit personal details of employee.

Step-3: Click on Save button.

You can also edit employee details and add this person as a new employee from here by using Edit Employee Details and Add As New Employee buttons respectively.

Change Reporting- You can change reporting of employee by this button.

Step-1: Click on Change Reporting button. List of employees who are currently reporting to employee(XYZ) will appear.

Step-2: Select the employees whose reporting have to be change and click on OK.

Step-3: Again employee list appears to select the report to employee for selected employees. Previous selected employees report to selected person (abc1). Click on Ok.

STEP-4: Click on Details tab and enter the details. User, LeaveAuthority1, LeaveAuthority2 and Punch fields are related to mobile app Kanohar MyHr or Risersoft ESS.

Calculate Leave Balance – Leave balance is calculated automatically if attendance of last year is available at software for employee. Otherwise you can calculate leave balance manually. Enter the current working day (days of this year which is not included in software) and last working days (previous year’s days form joining date). Calculate Leave balance button calculates leave balance only for those employees whose completed on year recently. This button is used for calculating earned leave basically.

STEP-5: Click on Salary tab. Click on Add New button. Employee Salary form will appear. Select Salary Structure and Date and click on Generate. Component rows will appear. Fill all details and click on Calculate and Save. You can edit employee salary also by Edit button after saving.

Note: This tab only appears in Payroll.

STEP-6: Click on Benefit tab. Click on Add New button. Select Salary Benefits list will appear. Select the benefits and click on OK. Row will add in benefit tab. Enter benefit number and EEDate(benefit starting date for employee) for each benefit.

Note: This tab only appears in Payroll.


Select Employee from employees list and right click on it. Select Browse Employee suppose XYZ employee. Employee browser will appear.


a. Current Attendance

It shows Current Attendance list. You can edit the attendance by right clicking on particular date attendance and select Edit Attendance (Employee Wise). Attendance Employee Wise window will appear.

b. Punches

It shows list of Punches. You can also edit the Punched attendance by right clicking on particular date punches and selecting Edit Punched Attendance. Attendance window will appear. Edit the attendance and click on Save button.

c. Leaves Ledger

   It shows the leave balance for particular employee.

d. Applications

It shows list of Loan Applications and Leave Encashment given by particular employee. To edit the applications, right click and select Edit Employee Application. Employee Application window will appear. Edit the details and Click on Save button.

e. Device

It shows mobile details of particular employee (In case of using mobile app for punching).

In Payroll

a. Current Attendance

Already discussed in HRMS

b. Punches

Already discussed in HRMS

c. Advance

It shows the advance detail of particular employee.

d. Salary

It shows salary description for particular employee.

e. Salary Components

It shows details of salary components for particular employee.

f. Incentive

It shows incentive details.

g. Extra Days

It shows details of extra working days of employee.

h. Over Time

It shows details of over time.

i. Allowances

It shows the detail of allowances of employee.

j. Leaves Ledger

Already discussed in HRMS.

k. Applications

Already discussed in HRMS.

l. Loan

Already discussed in HRMS

m. Salary History

It shows salary history of employee.